Pictures show a 'rammed' Roundhay Park as outraged Leeds residents 'promise' Covid cases will rise

Leeds residents have expressed their concern about Covid cases rising after large numbers of people have been in the Leeds sunshine in a 'rammed' Roundhay Park over the weekend.

Roundhay Park lake
Roundhay Park lake

Leeds residents have taken to Twitter to express their concern after Roundhay Park was 'rammed' and 'packed' with people over this spring-like weekend.

Pictures show large amounts of people walking in the park and sitting on the grass.

One person tweeted a picture of the park and commented: "Roundhay Park today wonder why the infection rate is growing in this post code."

Roundhay Park lake

While others said: "Roundhay Park was packed!" and: "I was driving through but around Roundhay Park was rammed."

It comes after yesterday when pictures showed large groups on Woodhouse Moor in the Hyde Park sunshine which caused residents to complain on social media - with one dubbing it "Coronafest '21".

But, it seem that some residents think Woodhouse Moor has been no different to the North Leeds park this weekend: "Seen a few tweets about Woodhouse Moor being busy, well I’ve just cycled through Roundhay Park and it’s like a Bank Holiday absolutely rammed massive queues of cars going in and out... #whatlockdown."

Another tweeted: "Roundhay Park was equally as busy, if not more busy.

Lots of people were walking at Roundhay Park today

"Chapel Allerton is heaving as soon as the sun comes out.

"Slamming students when the wealthy residents of north Leeds are doing exactly the same thing is just easy pickings."

One resident has 'promised' that Covid cases will 'sky rocket' after this weekend: "I promise Covid cases will sky rocket - Roundhay Park was packed with people yesterday, people never learn."

The busyness of the park has also come as a surprise to some people as one resident took to Twitter to express their shock: "I went for a run at Roundhay Park today, and was really shocked at how many people were there.

"The playgrounds were packed.

"Very hard to keep distance from anyone.

"No masks anywhere but plenty of ice creams vans and queues of cars on all roads to the park."

People should minimise time spent outside the home, and can meet up with one other person for exercise only once per day - remaining at a two metre distance apart.

Under current coronavirus restrictions, it is against the law to meet socially with family or friends unless they are part of your household or support bubble.

Under the Government's lockdown roadmap, the initial date of March 29 has been set for when people will be allowed to meet up in groups of six or from two households outdoors.

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