Meet Leeds 84-year-old who holds 13 British athletics records despite having TWO heart attacks

A 'remarkable' veteran athlete from Leeds is heading to Italy next week in search of more track glory - despite having had two heart attacks.

By Abbey Maclure
Friday, 30th August 2019, 1:28 pm
Tony Bowman, 84, has 13 British athletic records
Tony Bowman, 84, has 13 British athletic records

Tony Bowman, who turns 84 in September, already has 13 British athletics records under his belt.

He is heading to a European Masters event in Italy next week, where he will run the 100 and 200 metres, 80 metres hurdles, relay and decathlon.

Tony has overcome two heart attacks

Tony, who is from Guiseley, has suffered two heart attacks and was recently treated at Leeds General Infirmary (LGI) for an abnormal heart rhythm.

The condition occurs in two in 100 people and is a major cause of a stroke, having a serious impact on some people's lives.

Despite a brief halt to Tony's activities, his heart is now back to a normal rhythm thanks to cardiologists at LGI.

The athletic achievements are all part of a packed life for the octogenarian, who also loves hockey, tennis and ballroom dancing.

Tony says the key to keeping fit in his twilight years is to 'do everything in short bursts'.

He said: "I am very fortunate and must have the right genes.

“My aim is to run 100 metres when I am 100 years old – and live to be 120."

Tony has praised the doctors at LGI and says when he finishes a race he's just breathless like most people are - not in distress like before the treatment.

He already holds the world record for the 60 metres over-80s hurdles and is looking to beat times in the next age group for the over 85s.

LGI consultant cardiologist, Dr Muzahir Tayebjee, says heart rhythm problems in over-80s patients can sometimes be quite tricky, and different methods areused to treat them at specialist centres like Leeds.

Dr Tayebjee said: "Our job is to try as best as we can to get our patients’ lives back to normal.

"Tony is a remarkable character and keeps very healthy so he has got everything on his side including drive and motivation.

"His heart rhythm treatment has had a huge impact on his quality of life."