Light Night Leeds 2019: Everything you need to know

With Love. PIC: Baptiste LobjoyWith Love. PIC: Baptiste Lobjoy
With Love. PIC: Baptiste Lobjoy | other
Light Night Leeds returns this week, with a breathtaking spectacle of music and light set to transform the city.

Now in its 15th year Light Night Leeds boasts a programme of more than 60 impressive installations and performances by artists from across the world, the city centre and surrounding areas.

What are the dates and times of Light Night Leeds?

Light Night Leeds is taking place on Thursday, October 10 and Friday, October 11, from 6pm until 11pm.

What is the theme of Light Night Leeds?

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Exploring the themes of mind, body and spirit, each zone will contain several installations which will delve into everything from the intricate mechanics of the human body to the limitless realms of our imaginations.

How many Light Night zones are there?

The city centre and surrounding areas will be transformed by 11 exciting zones, each of which have been supported by local businesses and organisations. These include Millennium Square zone, Town Hall zone, Headrow zone and Victoria zone.

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The 11 exciting zones to discover at Light Night Leeds

What are the stand-out Light Night highlights to discover?

* With Love - A monumental bright red heart will be landing on the front of Leeds Town Hall. Its purpose: to take the pulse of the city and its lovers. Be a part of this nocturnal interactive installation by stepping up to the desk with your partner to have your collective Beats per Minute measured and turned into a song.

* Wave-Field, Sidney Street. This illuminated musical seesaw installation invites you to come and play in the street. You’ll have to pair up with others - friends, families or strangers - to create patterns and harmonies.

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* A new installation at this year’s Light Night Leeds will see hundreds of origami boats and flower lanterns take to the canal at Leeds Dock in a sea of colour and light.

* Lightbattle X, Briggate. In celebration of a fantastic year of sport in Leeds, come and take part in a unique light cycling challenge. By pedalling hard, participants will push their own beam of light to the middle as fast as possible in an attempt to defeat their opponents.

Councillor Judith Blake, leader of Leeds City Council, said: “Light Night exemplifies the very best of culture in our city and we’re incredibly proud that Leeds is home to such a world

class celebration of creativity and imagination.

“Year after year, Light Night also brings together tens of thousands of people and families, giving them the opportunity to enjoy an unforgettable spectacle and see both modern and

historic Leeds from a completely different perspective.”

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