Leeds residents win big on Postcode Lottery, including two families that won £60,000

Rachel Cawood with People's Postcode Lottery ambassador Matt Johnson.
Rachel Cawood with People's Postcode Lottery ambassador Matt Johnson.
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Eleven lucky Leeds residents got the surprise of their lives when their postcode was announced as a winner with People's Postcode Lottery.

The winners all received £30,000 each apart from two people who doubled the prize to £60,000 after playing with two tickets.

Amanda and Peter Crispin with Matt Johnson.

Amanda and Peter Crispin with Matt Johnson.

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The postcode LS9 0HH was announced as a winner of People’s Postcode Lottery’s Street Prize on Saturday May 18, and all of the York Road neighbours who play won the prize.

Rachel Cawood, 33, won £60,000 as she plays with two tickets.

She said: “It’s absolutely amazing. I have three kids so it will be really nice to treat them and all go off on a family holiday somewhere. I’m sure they’ll pick where – I think they’re already planning!”

Mark and Miranda O'Hagan with Judie McCourt.

Mark and Miranda O'Hagan with Judie McCourt.

David Hames, 36 and his wife Hannah also have their sights on somewhere sunny with their £30,000 win.

Mrs Hames said: “We’re going to book a cruise for the end of the year for our anniversary! We can’t wait - it’s amazing that this means we can do it.”

David signed up to play because of the money that goes to charity.

He said: “I’ve had so much support from charities since I retired from the armed forces so I really just wanted to give back and support others through playing. It makes it even more unreal that we’ve got this win.”

David and Hannah Hames being presented with their prize.

David and Hannah Hames being presented with their prize.

He added: “It’s actually our last month at this address before we move house, so we’re feeling very lucky.”

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Mark O’Hagan, 54, is still deliberating whether to be sensible or have a splurge with his money.

He said: “I’ll either pay off my mortgage or treat everybody – and myself!”

Jacqueline and Ronald Ibbotson with Judie McCourt.

Jacqueline and Ronald Ibbotson with Judie McCourt.

Mark also talked about his delight at winning with his neighbours: “People in Leeds are generous, sociable people, so I think like me my neighbours have all signed up to help the charities that are supported and I’m so, so pleased that they’ve won too.”

Jacqueline Ibbitson, 53, knows exactly what she’s going to spend her win on.

She said: “Me and my husband Ronald would love to visit our daughter in New Zealand, that’s the main thing we really want to do – but it’ll all go to good use!”

Winner Amanda Crispin, 55, and her husband Peter are also going to be able to fulfil a dream thanks to the £30,000 windfall.

Mr Crispin said: “We’ve always wanted a caravan. We’ve been going to Primrose Valley on the east coast nearly all of our lives and it’s our dream to have a caravan there so it’s fantastic we’ll finally be able to do that.”

Kathy O’Brien, 74, and Michael Driscoll, 58, were among the remaining winners who landed the prize.

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People’s Postcode Lottery ambassador Judie McCourt was in Leeds to hand out the golden envelopes and said: “There’s nothing better than seeing so many neighbours win together. I’m delighted for our players who have picked up a prize in Leeds today and it sounds like they’ve all got some exciting plans for their winnings.”

A minimum of 32% of ticket sales goes directly to charities and players of People’s Postcode Lottery have helped raise more than £427 million to date for good causes across Great Britain and internationally.

This draw was promoted on behalf of Crisis, which has been awarded over £3.2 million in funding thanks to players.

Crisis is the national charity for homeless people. Each year, the charity helps approximately 10,000 people through education, housing, employment and health services around the country.

Many local charities have also been supported by players, including The Works Skatepark Charity. Last year it received £6,700 to run a project for 5 to 16 year olds that tackles weekend and school holiday hunger by running a mixture of skateboarding and cooking sessions, so young people from disadvantaged backgrounds can learn how to cook and prepare a meal whilst having fun.