Leeds Quarry Hill Flats in 26 photos - rise and fall of the UK's largest social housing complex

They were built to tackle a housing problem affecting thousands of working class Leeds residents blighted by slum properties and illegal back-to-back housing.

By Andrew Hutchinson
Monday, 17th June 2019, 3:24 pm

Quarry Hill Flats became the largest social housing complex in the United Kingdom and helped to reduce the housing problem during the war. It was seen as a modern build at the time which included lifts, electric lighting, a laundrette and even a swimming pool. The flats were popular, encouraging a sense of community through the highly communal way of living. Yet being deemed ahead of their time the flats were demolished in 1978 due to their poor condition. READ MORE: The A to Z of Leeds - 26 reasons to be proud of your city

Much of this view was demolished to make way for Quarry Hill Flats. In 1718 there were pleasant meadows on Quarry Hill.
Good Shepherd Mission Chapel which was demolished to make way for Quarry Hill Flats.
Quarry Hill flats during construction during the 1930s.
Quarry Hill Flats under construction and Leeds Bus Station.
Pictured is Margaret Roberts in a photo which appeared in the YEP in May 1959 when she was only 13. She was chosen as Quarry Hill Flats Tenants' Association gala queen for that year.
Quarry Hill Flats sub post office. Thieves broke in and made off with a safe containing cash, postal orders and stock said to be worth 4,000.
Two locals catch up on gossip on a cold winter's day.
Quarry Hills Flats during the mid 1970s. Do you know someone who lived there?
A painter at work at Victoria House.
Broken windows in Thoresby House.
The decay of Quarry Hill Flats is on full view.
Do you remember playing football here?
Weeds at Lupton House.
The disappearing world of Quarry Hill Flats.
York House where by spring 1977 Mr and Mrs Doughty were the only tenants. The window (circled) is their flat.
A last look at Quarry Hill Flats. It was scheduled to be a 600 space temporary car park and games area for the next five years.
The demolision of Jackson House.
Goodbye to 'The Hill' Sammy Taylor, the first caretaker when they were opened and a resident ever since, waves farewell as he leaves for a new home.
This sad skeleton shows the latest swing of the pendulum for Quarry Hill Flats.
The rise and fall of Quarry Hill Flats was set to verse by Frank Harrington who has seen them built and demolished.
Only the last tangled remains await removal.
The site where Quarry Hill Flats once towered. Saplings grow in the landscaped area that used to be home for thousands of people.
The Quarry Hill clean-up gets underway.
A new West Yorkshire Playhouse at a cost of 5.8 million is planned on the Quarry Hill Flats site.
The revdevelopment plan for the Quarry Hill Flats site.
Headquarters of the DSS in Leeds.