Leeds man goes viral for incredible act of generosity after returning lost purse to elderly woman

A Leeds man has gone viral on social media for his incredible act of generosity - after returning a lost purse to an elderly resident.

Tuesday, 20th April 2021, 8:37 pm
Updated Tuesday, 20th April 2021, 8:50 pm

Paul Young 37, runs a removals business across West Yorkshire.

He was working in Rycroft Green flats in Swinnow - a sheltered accommodation for the over 55s - on Friday (April 16) when he came across a purse on his way home.

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Paul Young reunited the lost purse with its 93-year-old owner

Kind-hearted Paul took to Facebook straight away and posted: "Been working in Rycroft green most of the day, just come out and found a purse full of money.

"Really want to get it back to its owner but can’t find the warden so hoping the power of Facebook can help find its owner.

"Just let me know what’s in the purse and you can have it back."

His update post after meeting the woman has been shared hundreds of times - with thousands of residents 'liking' his efforts.

His post was quickly shared by social media users eager to reunite the resident with the lost purse.

On Saturday, Paul told the Yorkshire Evening Post how he received a phone call from one of the staff at the flats, who told him a disabled lady had lost a purse.

Paul rushed round to the flats and reunited the purse with the resident, who told him she had been "upset for the whole day" worrying about the purse.

His update post after meeting the woman has been shared hundreds of times - with thousands of residents 'liking' his efforts.

Paul received hundreds of messages of thanks following his act of generosity.

Pudsey councillor Simon Seary said: "Well done and thank you."

Speaking to the YEP, Paul said "the smile on her face was enough".

He added: "I hope one day if it ever happens to me or my family, the same thing happens."

Paul explained how he set about reuniting the purse and owner.

He said: "We are regulars there so everyone knows who we are as we have moved so many elders into there.

"Just as we were finishing up on Friday evening we found a purse outside containing money but no ID or bank cards.

"We suspected that it may be one of the residents but couldn’t be sure as many people enter the building.

"I put a post out on Facebook as I’ve got a fair few people on there to share around.

"At the end of the day you don’t know if it’s the last of somebody’s money or it’s all they have left.

"My partner's parents live in the same building so I wouldn’t want it to happen to them.

"The post got shared around.

"The next day we had a phonecall from a lady that worked in the Rycroft building who told us that a disabled lady had lost a purse."

The Facebook post has now spread across social media.

However, humble Paul said "it just felt really good being able to give something back".