'It's not us' - plant's statement on strong weed smell in Leeds as more theories emerge

Residents in Leeds have complained that a strong smell resembling cannabis has wafted across the city for the second day.

Wednesday, 17th July 2019, 1:18 pm
A strong smell resembling cannabis has wafted round Leeds.

The strange odour hit the city centre at around midday yesterday (Tuesday, July 16) and was reported from Elland Road, Hyde Park and as far as Cottingley.

Baffled residents complained that the 'weed' smell was so strong they had to shut their windows and doors.

The smell seemed to disappear in the afternoon, but was reported again on Wednesday night and about 7am today.

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Leeds resident Fances Adamson said: "Can someone please tell me why the whole of South Leeds smells like weed? It's that strong I feel like I may be getting high just having the window open".

Another resident commented: "Strong smell last night driving down Geldard Road near the Porsche garage. I had to stop the car and take a deep breath".

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It is not yet known what caused the smell, but residents have taken to social media to put forward their theories.

Some residents thought the smell could be coming from the Recycling and Energy Recovery incinerator on Newmarket Approach, which manages household waste in the city.

Natalie Adams said: "It will be the incinerator, it depends on the wind and stuff and that's why it can be smelt, plus it's been warm the last couple of days".

However, a spokesperson for the plant said this wasn't the case.

They said: "We have had the police ring this morning, but we haven't had any smell here.

"Normally if there are any strange smells then it will be looked into.

"But there has been nothing mentioned and we can't smell anything from here."

Another resident thinks the smell could be from flowers. He commented: "We live next to busy roads, factories and power stations. It literally smells like flowers everywhere for once and everyone is moaning".

Hayfever sufferers complained of heavy symptoms and thought the smell could be due to a high pollen count.

A Leeds resident said: "My hayfever is so bad I couldn't smell anything.".

Another replied: "Mine's been really bad this evening, this is probably why".

According to the Met Office, the pollen count in Leeds is forecast as medium today.

Leeds Council said it was unaware of the smell and did not know what could have caused it.