15 photos you'll only understand if you're from Leeds

There are many great things about being a Loiner that those born elsewhere will never understand.

By Andrew Hutchinson
Friday, 5th July 2019, 6:14 am
Updated Saturday, 3rd August 2019, 7:32 am

Only lucky people who had the privilege of growing up in the city can truly appreciate our culture, heritage and way of life - and the things that give us a special feeling of home, no matter where we are. READ MORE: 20 random facts you (probably) didn’t know about Leeds | The Leeds urban legends that turned out to be true | 34 never seen before photos of Leeds through the ages

Checking the time and temperature on the YEP clock as you drive into Leeds.
Heavy duty training needed for a charity run? Look no further than Hill 60 in Roundhay Park.
You knew you were on the way to the coast when you passed the A64 Red Bus Cafe. Gone but not forgotten.
St George's Crypt - providing hope and support for the city's homeless and disadvantaged.
The legendary Town and Country Club. From live music to Brutus Gold on a Friday and Top Banana on Saturday it had something for everyone.
Leeds loves owls. We even had a dedicated owl trail.
Kirkstall Abbey. A great walk on a sunny day.
The Black Prince. Been an ever present in City Square since 1903.
Despite regular chains charging an arm and a leg for cinema viewings, the Hyde Park Picture House always keeps it real.
Whitelocks - a Leeds institution. I'll drink to that!
By 4.30am on a Sunday, Briggate McDonalds has Big Mac sauce sliding down the walls, so watch yourself.
The Dortmund Drayman by sculptor Arthur Shulze-Engels in Dortmund Square is the place to meet or enjoy a busker performing on a sunny day.
Home sweet home for some.
Who hasn't been snarled up in traffic on the Leeds inner ring road?
Yes, it's a boat, on land, serving beer. Nothing unusual about that. Peter Kay performed at the Drydock before he became really popular.