13 reasons why Leeds is the world's best summer city

Okay it’s not quite Paris, St Tropez or New York, but there’s no doubting Leeds is one of the finest cities on the planet to chill out in when the sun pokes its head around the clouds.

By Andrew Hutchinson
Thursday, 25th July 2019, 7:26 am
Leeds, Leeds, Leeds.
Leeds, Leeds, Leeds.

Loiners are spolit for choice when it comes to things to do when the heat kicks in. Take a sun-kissed stroll through just 13 reasons why there’s no place better. READ MORE: 24 stunning pictures of Leeds that prove it's a great place to live

You have to admit that there is the odd city that beats Leeds for sheer prettiness, but there cant be many. Strap our white rose-tinted goggles on and well go ahead and put it up right there.
Leeds is littered with enticing pub gardens, from city centre loveliness to suburban greenery.
A hive of activity during the summer months, with a range of activities including the option to watch the biggest sporting events on a big screen, live music events and this year, even an outdoor cinema experience.
Love it or hate it, Leeds Festival is an event that really makes our fair city stand out from others, bringing some of the biggest names in the world of music right to our doorstep.
The longest running Caribbean Festival in the world, bringing all the sights, sounds, tastes and vibes of the Caribbean and parking them right down in our city.
Not all canals are, of course, but a clean up operation over recent years has got ours looking ship shape and shimmering, and it serves as a beautiful spot for an evening walk or glass by the water.
Flying to destinations all over Europe and indeed the world, Leeds Bradford Airport is a mere jump from the city, making your Summer holiday an absolute doddle.
Whats better than capping off a day in the sun with a mojito or six? Leeds is crammed full of some of the norths finest cocktail bars.
Oh yes. Its not all beer gardens and cocktail bars there is a whole host of fun stuff to do with the younguns in and around Leeds.
Leeds is one of the greenest cities in Europe. From Park Square in the city centre to Roundhay Park in the suburbs, there are a heap of options when it comes to somewhere to kick back and soak in some rays.
Along with a cool beer and a thirst-sapping cocktail, there nothing finer than a top drawer ice cream on a hot Summers day.
Its like Venice, only with a bit of Leeds on it.
A sunny day in London? Youd be lucky to get a cracked smile. Up north we are friendly in February and even friendlier when the sun makes an appearance, buoyed on by what is essentially a special occasion.