PCSO saves bleeding man's life with spoon and belt

A community police officer saved a man from bleeding to death by using a spoon and a belt to staunch a serious wound.

PCSO Matthew Kieboom used the improvised tourniquet to stop the “catastrophic” blood loss after a man severely cut his hand and forearm.

The officer was on patrol in Cardigan, Mid Wales, when he noticed the injured man lying on the floor suffering “uncontrollable bleeding” from injuries caused by smashed glass.

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The Dyfed-Powys Police PCSO, who was previously deployed with the military in Iraq, wrapped his belt around the man’s arm and got a member of the public to fetch a spoon which he used to tighten the makeshift bandage and stop the bleeding.

PCSO Kieboom said: “Despite excellent direct pressure being applied to the wounds by a member of the public, the only reason the bleeding came under control was because an improvised tourniquet was applied and the pressure was maintained.

“I cannot stress enough how effective the tourniquet can be - even a Blue Peter version - with what you have to hand or nearby. Think pens, ties, batons, slings, even torches and the plastic tube for a breathalyser can be used in making an improvised tourniquet.

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“In this incident, because we were so close and the tourniquet was applied so quickly, the casualty not only stayed alive but remained conscious.

“I was lucky that as part of my military deployments to Iraq, I was involved in instructing the team medic course to deploying troops, and sadly have had to use some of the training on operations.

“Thankfully, it all came flooding back as soon as I saw the spray of the arterial bleeding.”

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