YEP Letters: December 20

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Wednesday, 20th December 2017, 2:39 pm
Updated Wednesday, 20th December 2017, 2:40 pm
The red light area in Holbeck

New police team to manage sex workers in city

A group of four police officers have been assigned as a ‘dedicated team’ to oversee the sex workers in Leeds’ managed red light district. The area of Holbeck is policed with a ‘managed approach’ which means that West Yorkshire Police monitor the safety and welfare of the women working on the streets. The force announced that a dedicated team has been created for the area of Holbeck – made up of four police officers and PCSOs. The team will be ‘sensitive to concerns of local residents’ and will have a dedicated hotline to report issues concerning the sex workers’ managed zone. The officers will be based at Elland Road and work in Holbeck and Beeston. We asked YEP readers for their views and here’s what some of them said on social media..

Molnár Bali

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#Leedscitycouncil job well done, unmanaged joke, the whole area is covered 
with used condoms, needles etc, around schools and residential homes, girls working out of hours, during school runs, this is 
what children have to see? Residents had enough.

Stuart Pearson

Why not give them premises instead of having them standing on the street, it’s ridiculous.

Annette Cawkwell

Where’s the money coming from to pay this so-called team?

Denise Vause

Another mess by LCC for permitting this area. Resources taken away from the people who actually pay tax on their earnings.

John Vowles

It’s sad really that women feel the need to charge for sex, and how degrading it must be for a man to pay. 
Both lost souls but hey, it should be regulated 
otherwise there will be sadistic abusers, drugs and it would not be safe for men or women.

Angela Kelley

This area has been used for these purposes before this service. It won’t go away.

These officers also point the workers in the direction of help and support, some of which I know have been success stories. Abusive men prosecuted and homeless workers housed and off the streets.

It’s not going to stop but this has got to be a step in the right direction.

Vanessa Cook

Most of these girls are suffering addiction, I think it’s rather sad.

Carolyn Riley

The majority of these women have addictions, isn’t it better they got money like this from willing men than steal/rob etc?

Milly Green

Women struggling with addictions. Many caught up in the criminal justice system, and without access to rehab, or sanctioned on a regular basis. When they need money they return to sex work and regardless of what you think they’re actually really lovely women.

Jason Kelly

Do it like Amsterdam – that way they’re safe and they pay tax. If you’re letting them do it on the streets then why not in a building? Then tax them. Simple.

Julie Zanetti Crosby

Do people forget that kids play in these streets where used condoms are discarded. Women do this for many different personal reasons. I don’t have a problem with what they do as it’s been around for centuries, but leaving the used condom on the streets is not something I’d like my child to see or pick up.

Harry Bowland

The council put dog poo bins where people take their dogs for a walk. Why can’t they put needle and condom bins in the so-called “managed” area? Even if they did put bins there these people aren’t in the right frame of mind use them properly, punters or prostitutes! It’s our kids I feel sorry for. Society is only going to get worse before it can get better.

Richard Noble

With all the empty buildings in Leeds why can’t one be converted and used to keep these girls off the streets and managed properly?

Rick Poppa

Arrest the prostitutes, there should be a ban on them. Leeds doesn’t need that stuff going on in an area where families live.

Hayley Fox

i DON’T agree with certain things but you want to learn how to live and let live. Street girls are very troubled, you are deluded if you think arresting them will help.

Kimmy Alderman

Before you are so quick to judge, most of these girls are damaged and need to make money. If that’s how they make money then so be it.

I just wish there was a safe place for them. It’s not dirty or disgusting.

Mark-Jack Durkin

So will the sex workers pay towards the new police team or is it left to the tax payers again? More wasted money.

Sarah Flynn

I PERSONALLY preferred it when they tried to help these women, they’re human too, wouldn’t cost that much to give them support to come away from that life.