Should schools ban the use of slang words - ten things you said...

A secondary school hit the headlines after it issued pupils with a list of prohibited slang words.

Wednesday, 13th October 2021, 4:45 pm

We asked the question 'Should schools ban the use of slang words?'

Here are ten things you said...

Keith Jordan: "Let's worry about teaching children English literature and English language."

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Should slang words be banned from schools?

Julie Devine: "No as long as they are still being taught proper English in class slang comes with accents."

William Wright: "Never mind the slang, what about spelling and grammar. If some of the posts on Facebook are anything to go by, good English is a thing of the past."

Steve Hainsworth: "No, why? Slang is part of language, it's how language evolves. The "Proper English" we use today bears no resemblance to the English language of 3 or 4 hundred years ago."

Jamie Dick: "I have a friend who’s a teacher. She told me they had a teacher from down south who was gobsmacked that children were allowed to write the Yorkshire version of “couldn’t” in their work books."

Philip Stogden: "Well that's most of the vocabulary gone for the school they will just have to use BSL."

Andy Dennis: "Schools job is to teach kids HOW to think. Not WHAT to think."

Mark Lee: "Schools these days aren't for education. They're to mould your little darlings into left wing liberal melts that won't have a clue what to do when somebody "isn't nice to them"."

Katherine Dawson: "Schools need to concentrate on teaching."

Arlene Morley: "Maybe newsreaders might set an example."

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