The government in doing an excellent job during coronavirus crisis - YEP letters

I FIND it hard to believe that politicians are still trying to score points against their opposition colleagues at this time.

By Gemma Jimmison
Tuesday, 31st March 2020, 5:00 pm

J Hutchinson, via email

With hindsight, of course, thousands more protection kits and ventilators would have been supplied to the NHS when stocking up for winter last year – and plans would have been put in place for benefits for people who cannot work. However, this is an unprecedented once-in-four-generations pandemic and – without a crystal ball – could not have been predicted.

Instead of throwing unhelpful comments at Boris Johnson, why not try to be constructive and positive? I think the government is doing an excellent job.

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The government is doing a great job

If they could be sure that the selfish people and business in this country would tow the line, then all efforts could be put into looking after the sick, NHS staff and protecting the vulnerable making the task a little easier. I say to all politicians and would be bureaucrats: Stop looking for your five minutes on TV, pull together and help get the country through this difficult time.

I would also ask the media to stop sensationalising. I know people who are so frightened that they are finding everyday tasks difficult just sitting glued to the TV. Surely it is enough to give the facts and recommendations of the government without turning it into a horror movie?