Homeless man praised for his touching lost bank card note - 10 things you said

A homeless man in Leeds has been praised on social media after handing in a dropped bank card, prompting others to share stories about his kind actions.

Sunday, 15th August 2021, 4:45 pm

It all began when Rebecca Jiera Lewis spotted a note the man had left near the Morrison's at the Penny Hill Centre in Hunslet.

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Homeless man outside Leeds Morrisons earns praise after leaving touching note

It read: "Harry: I handed your bank card in to the cig counter in Morrisons. Just give them your second name and retrieve it back. From Wayne (the blonde homeless lad)."

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The man, identified as Wayne Chaney on social media, stuck the note outside Lloyds Bank.

As dozens of comments praising his honesty were shared on social media, the man was named as Wayne Cheney.

Here's what readers on our Facebook page had to say when we shared the story...

Judith Berry: "I sincerely hope that people step up and help this guy find accommodation and work. An honest and trustworthy guy."

Diane Render: "Well done young man. I hope your life now takes a turn for the better. You certainly deserve it son."

Elle Davies: "This guy is so polite and always wishes us a good day, he’s always been super grateful too when we have bought him food/drinks."

LindaAnn Roper: "Good lad, you should be proud of yourself."

David Simpson: "Why is it such a surprise that a homeless man is a honest man? People are very quick to judge someone on first sight!"

Wendy Britton: "I hope the person who lost his card is in a position to drop the lad a few pounds for his honesty."

Helena Jane: "He may be long-term homeless but he has never ever lost his inner kindness. I just wish the society was kinder and provided more to those who hit difficult times."

Cayden Partner: "Dropped my wallet before. He told me as I just left the bank machine so I bought him a Greggs. He’s a good lad."

Leanne Moss: "I chat to him on days I’m working. He's so polite and chatty, friendly to everybody."

Cath Freeman: "There but for the grace of God… so many people could be in the same situation. Sending him love and hope."

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