Don't let our city's bus passengers down - YEP's plea to transport leaders

Residents across the city are dependent on buses.
Residents across the city are dependent on buses.
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To say they are the lifeline for thousands of passengers a day across Leeds is quite simply an understatement.

Residents across the city are dependent on buses for work, school, training, travelling to and from vital medical appointments as well as staying connected with their loved ones.

And yet is it shocking to hear that those people who rely the most on the city’s bus network have lost their livelihoods due to the unreliability of the service they have depended upon.

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It’s a question that the Yorkshire Evening Post has asked time and time again - how do you solve a problem like transport for a city the size of Leeds?

There have been many shelved plans over the years including the likes of trolleybus and supertram.

Yet for all the sparkle that a new mass transit system would bring to Leeds transport chiefs must go back to basics and look at how to get people back on the buses.

Council chiefs claim that taking back control of budgets, fare services and routes is the best way that Leeds can make sure that its communities and people that are the most reliant on buses don’t get left behind.

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Yes the Connecting Leeds strategy has been borne out of the conversations that transport authorities have had with passengers about their experiences of the bus service in the city.

But while this project will go some distance towards connecting the dots for reliability it still doesn’t help those who are struggling right now to get from A to B.

Let’s just hope the various schemes aimed to improve bus services across Leeds, which are due start this month, don’t cause an extra headache for bus passengers.