Covid passports would be unfair to many - YEP letters

FROM: John R Wainwright, Tingley

Thursday, 15th April 2021, 6:00 am
Photo: Shutterstock

For international travel, Covid vaccination passports are probably unavoidable as other countries will demand them as a condition of entry, but within the UK they should not be required.

Covid vaccination isn’t mandatory (nor should it be), and many people will be un-vaccinated for various reasons.

Some are medically unable to have the vaccine, some may choose to decline it, and those in the lowest priority groups will still have to wait many months before they get it.

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Are all those people to be refused entry to pubs and restaurants etc?

Perhaps we should give them all badges saying “unclean” to make them easier to identify!

If we really want to get back to some semblance of normality, we need to accept that Covid will never be completely eliminated, and we have to learn to live with the risk, which thankfully is now much reduced.