10 things you said...2021 Leeds German Christmas Market is cancelled

The 2021 Leeds German Christmas Market has been cancelled, it has been announced.

By Daniel Sheridan
Thursday, 16th September 2021, 4:45 pm

Hundreds of our readers took to social media to air their sadness at the loss of the annual event.

Here are 10 of your thoughts about the news:

Helen Cockerham: "Another year of no mushrooms n potatoes with garlic sauce, gutted!"

Christmas Market

Nina Welton: "How about a Leeds Christmas market that supports local businesses. This would make more sense - you only have to look at how successful York Christmas market is."

Harriet Burrows: "It’s not been the same since they closed the big tent in the middle. That was the best bit. Bring it back for 2022 please."

Johnny Harmer: "No big loss the ones elsewhere are far better."

Fiona Rowlands: "Well they do come from Germany so to be expected really dont see why we cant have our own xmas market with local suppliers like york one."

Michelle Swift: "Why can’t we do our own Christmas market?"

Winnie Winn: "Oh no not again."

Louise Williams: "Why is it cancelled, I thought everything was getting back to normal."

Sara Gordon: "How disgusting that they can have music events in millennium square but can't have the Christmas market!"

Ian Blyth: "It was overpriced and local trader's could benefit from it being cancelled."