10 things you said about... first look at new £3.5m Leeds City Square designs

You reacted to the new Leeds City Square designs.

Thursday, 17th June 2021, 4:37 pm
Updated Thursday, 17th June 2021, 4:38 pm
An artist's impression of the plans for city square.
An artist's impression of the plans for city square.

Early redesigns of Leeds City Square have emerged, and are set to be discussed by council decision-makers next week.

Here are 10 things you said:

Gordon Revill - "I could think of better things to be spending £3.5 million on around in Leeds!"

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Gary Parkinson - "Make it even harder to navigate Leeds city centre by car!"

Elaine Benson - "Got to be better than it is."

John Bradshaw - "Looks brilliant. I know it's only a sample concept but I can't wait to see the final design. Will be a fantastic new Leeds landmark."

Daniel Turner - "I don't think it's going to do anything. But what it will do is distrust buses more and make them even more late than they already are."

Teresa Cook - "Turn it into a bus station as the existing one is over a mile from the train station, making connections a pain."

Thomas Barrett - "Looks great."

David Mosley - "It's a patio, just a patio. If this is all they have to offer then leave it be. I'd like to see the site enhanced by any spending."

Chris Brearley - "Looks lovely. Although no one can get to it because of the public transport and roads in to the city centre."

Martin Blanc - "What a waste. Why change the square again?"