On this day in Yorkshire 1943

Kidnapped Leeds Baby Found

The missing 11-weeks-old Leeds baby. Beryl Joan Haigh, who was kidnapped from her perambulator in the Beckett Street district on Wednesday, was found yesterday.

The child had been kidnapped when out with its aunt, six-year-old May Clarke, of Pollard Street, and it was recovered when, after the police had been informed, a woman called on the baby’s mother yesterday morning and said she thought she knew where the baby was.

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Meanwhile Superintendent J. Craig, chief of the Leeds C.I.D., arrived at the house in Pollard Street with the information that he had found the baby.

The baby was found in bed in a house in the Halton district, where it had been all night.

The baby had been well cared for. and was wearing a completely new outfit.

The baby’s father, who is in the Royal Artillery, arrived home yesterday after an all night Journey from his unit in answer to a telegram.

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