Leeds family left distraught after dog tears pregnant cat apart

Sesh - a much loved catSesh - a much loved cat
Sesh - a much loved cat
A family were left reeling in shock when a dog grabbed and savaged their cat which was due to give birth to kittens.

It happened around 10.30pm on Monday on North Parkway in Seacroft.

Dad Scott Carrington was not at home at the time, but neighbours saw what happened and phoned his distraught daughter.

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"All we know is that there are four young lads on pushbikes with dogs and apparently they are up and down North Parkway all the time.

"The cat ran under the car, the dog, which is not on the lead grabbed the cat out and mauled it to death.

"The lad then picked the cat up, looked at it and threw it back on the grass.

"The police came around 1.30am and they took statements."

The cat - which was around 15 months old - was called Sesh and had become a much loved part of the animal-mad household when she followed Scott's 16-year-old son home last year.

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Scott's not sure whether the dog involved was a Staffie or a Lurcher and is hoping someone can give him more information.

He said: "I don't want to see the dog destroyed, but if it kills a defenceless cat what is it capable of?"

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