Leeds parvo outbreak: Vets confirm Middleton 'case' is false rumour

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Vets in Leeds have confirmed that reports of a case of the killer canine disease parvovirus in Middleton are false.

Rumours had been circulating on social media that a dog with the contagious illness had been treated at the Middleton branch of Chantry Vets, which also has surgeries in Hemsworth and Alverthorpe.

Dog dies in Leeds of 'worst case of parvo ever seen'
It comes as several dogs in Leeds have been confirmed to have caught the disease - including two in Bramley, one in Pudsey and another in Armley. One dog has died.

How to stop your dog getting parvo - a vet's advice
The statement from Chantry Vets said:

"We have been made aware of a post on claiming we have confirmed a parvovirus case at our Middleton branch. This is incorrect information and we have not confirmed this. Please be aware this has not been posted by Chantry Vets and we have not confirmed any cases of parvovirus at any of our branches.

"We do recommend that your pet's vaccinations are up to date. If you are unsure please call your local branch and we can check this for you."

The disease - which kills around half of infected dogs - is spread through faeces. It is more prevalent in hot, dry weather because dog excrement is not washed away.

Garden disinfected after Armley dog catches parvo
Leeds parvovirus outbreak - confirmed cases so far

- Dude, a German shepherd puppy who caught parvo in Bramley Fall Woods. He is now recovering at home

- Betsy, a King Charles Cavalier spaniel who lives near Queen's Park in Pudsey. She became critically ill

- Patch, a border collie who died of organ failure just hours after being walked on the Swirly Path in Bramley

- Brandy, who is receiving treatment and lives in Armley