Parvo warning: Leeds dog dies of 'worst case of Parvovirus' seen by vet after walk on this path

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A Leeds dog has died of 'the worst case of Parvovirus' a vet had ever seen, prompting a warning from his heartbroken owner.

Eight-year-old collie Patch was taken for a walk by owner Julie Galfsky, 48, through Swirly Path in Bramley last night.

The collie dog Patch who died of Parvovirus

The collie dog Patch who died of Parvovirus

But after Patch got home, the dog developed a serious illness and began vomiting blood.

Julie, from Armley, then rushed eight-year-old Patch to the vet where he died of multiple organ failure.

Daughter Wendy Middleton said: "He became ill yesterday evening, he vomited in front of the TV and then in the kitchen. During the night he was vomiting blood and was rushed to the vets this morning where they said to let him go because his organs were failing.

"It was awful. My mum stayed with him all the way and the vet said it was the worst case of this bug they had ever seen."

The news comes just a week after another dog owner shared the story of their beloved Alsatian becoming ill from Parvo virus.
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