Feral Leeds cat in need of £1,000 surgery leaves Leeds Cat Rescue 'running on fumes' in urgent fundraising appeal

A feral Leeds cat had to undergo surgery including a leg amputation - a process which cost £1,000 and left Leeds Cat Rescue 'running on fumes'.

Leeds Cat Rescue says it is spending £1,000 on treatment for a feral cat which has been rescued.

The cat was found covered in tics and carrying an injury which means he cannot bear his own weight.

He was x-rayed and found to have a complex fracture on one leg which led to an amputation.

This feral cat had to have £1,000 of surgery which has left Leeds Cat Rescue in urgent need of funds

The cat has now had surgery and is recovering and will 'most likely need a very safe outdoor placement' once healed.

The charity says the process has left a hole in its finances and is urgently appealing for help.

A spokesman said: "This little guy is a feral, his main feeder noticed he was covered in tics and had a new injury causing him not to weight bear.

"He was trapped and on x-ray he had a complicated fracture of his leg, it was best to amputate. He has now had his surgery and is recovering on crate rest, he will most likely need a very safe outdoor placement when healed.

"His treatment will cost around £1,000 due to lack of fundraising opportunities of late we are running on fumes if you can help at all our Paypal is [email protected]"