Educating Yorkshire star Mushy turns 21 and launches new career

Remember the heart-warming moment when Yorkshire teenager Mushy Asghar overcame his stammer on national TV?

It's five years since the Dewsbury boy's appearance on Educating Yorkshire had the nation in tears.

The Thornhill Community Academy pupil captured viewers' hearts as he and English teacher Mr Burton were shown working together to help overcome his lifelong speech impediment during the 2013 series.

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The 16-year-old was invited to give a speech in front of his year group at an end-of-term assembly in a scene which became one of the most iconic TV moments of the year. He later went on to study A Levels at Kirklees College.

And now Mushy, whose full name is Musharaf, is celebrating turning 21 by launching a new career as a motivational speaker.

He is available to speak in schools, colleges and universities about his experiences; on one occasion, a school receptionist recognised his voice from the TV show during a phone call.

He and former mentor Matthew Burton have also appeared on a TV advert for the Open University together.

And this month Mushy posted on his Twitter account about reaching another milestone - he caught a flight for the first time.

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