West Yorkshire Police sergeant claims noise from nuisance quad bikes in Leeds is 'massive problem'

People being disturbed late at night by nuisance noisy quadbikers is becoming a growing 'national problem', police have said.

By David Spereall, Local Democracy Reporting Service
Wednesday, 22nd June 2022, 6:02 am

Complaints about off-road riders revving their engines have risen across parts of south Leeds in recent weeks, a meeting heard.

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More resources are now being committed to tackle the issue, even though identifying the culprits is very difficult.

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These bikes were seized last year.

The problem was raised by local Liberal Democrat councillor Stewart Golton at a community committee meeting on Monday.

Coun Golton, who represents the Rothwell area, said he was receiving 'a lot of complaints' from residents about the issue.

In response, Sergeant Neil Matthews, from West Yorkshire Police, said an 'uplift' in officers dedicated to tackling the nuisance would be coming soon.

Sergeant Matthews said: “It does appear to be a national problem. It’s a massive problem.

“I live in the Morley area myself and I see it as a problem and it’s quite frustrating as well, so this uplift should be a little bit of a help.”

Sergeant Matthews said that catching the riders was a 'painstaking process', because they frequently ride without number plates and wear face coverings to avoid detection.

But he added that the authorities can in some cases seize vehicles if the culprits are caught.

He told councillors: “What we find is most aren’t wearing helmets and they’re wearing balaclavas and face coverings.

“Recently we did take a bike off a young lad, who’d been blasting about with a balaclava on, so he won’t be getting that back.

“It’s difficult to deal with. We can’t knock them off (their bikes). The Met were doing that for a little while, but then that was stopped.”

In April, the Government announced the introduction of new noise cameras, in a bid to 'banish boy racers'.

The technology, which is being trialled by the Department of Transport, can detect when legal noise limits are broken by a vehicle.

Ministers say the move will help police gather evidence and that MPs can now apply for them to be installed in their own areas.

At the meeting, Coun Golton later expressed an interest in having the cameras put up in Rothwell.