Watch as police smash down doors in series of Harehills drug raids

Officers arrested two people during a series of drug raids in Harehills which saw specially trained officers smash down doors.

Wednesday, 18th December 2019, 5:00 pm

The dramatic footage shows officers using specialist equipment to pry open steel gating and break down doors in order to gain entry into the houses.

A total of four warrants were executed on Cowper Terrace, Conway Avenue, Ashton Road and Kelper Terrace.

No drugs were seized in the house on Cowper Terrace but evidence of a cannabis farm was found.

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Police raided several houses in Harehills.

A silver ventilation tent was found hooked up to the electricity, but any evidence of growth had been cleared.

Black bin bags full of soil and branches were found in the bathroom.

No drugs were seized at the houses on Conway Avenue or Ashton Road.

t Kepler Terrace, a search of the property found 27 bags of cannabis in dealer bags along with more than £300 cash – the 33-year-old man arrested remains in custody.

A silver ventilation tent was found during one of the raids.

One man was found inside the address on Kelper Terrace, watching CCTV footage of the street on a television inside.

The 33-year-old was arrested or possession with intent to supply a Class B drug.

He remains in custody.

Officers found 27 bags of cannabis in dealer bags along with £300 in cash.

Bin bags filled with soil were found left in the bathroom.

After searching the property, officers found equipment used to grow cannabis was in black bin bags.

In the basement, an electrical wire tunnelled through to the house behind on Kelper Mount.

Officers then raided that address.

No drugs were recovered but evidence of an old cannabis farm was found.

There was one other arrest of a wanted suspect.

Detective Chief Inspector Jon Key said: "The reason we are doing what we are doing is to act on community intelligence. We are doing it because the public want us to.

"Criminals absolutely hate it. They would prefer us to leave them alone and let them carry on. We are letting them know we are here and that the community do not accept them dealing in their area."

West Yorkshire officers have raided address across Leeds as part of Operation Momentum.

In May, the operation saw 21 people arrested and cocaine worth around £13,000 recovered, along with weapons including axes, knives and electric stun guns.

In July, the operation saw 14 people arrested and Class A drugs worth £60,000 seized in raids on 12 addresses across the district.

A 500-plant cannabis farm with an estimated value of £320,000 was uncovered in Harehills.