Rapist caught with mobile phone in his cell at Armley prison

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A rapist who was caught with a mobile phone in his cell at Armley Jail in Leeds has had 10 months added to his sentence.

Prison officers found the phone in Nyron Wilson's cell on January 16 this year.

Leeds Crown Court

Leeds Crown Court

Leeds Crown Court heard officers went to Wilson's single cell and asked him if he was in possession of any items he was not allowed to have.

Wilson, 40, pointed to a table in the cell and said: "Yes it's there."

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Wilson, of no fixed address pleaded guilty to possession of a mobile phone in prison.

The court heard he was given a six year jail sentence in 2016 for rape.

He also convictions for drug dealing and false imprisonment.

Prosecutor Louise Pryke read a statement to the court on behalf of Armley prisoner governor Martin Dobson.

He said: "Prisoners using and having mobile phones in their possession has an extremely damaging and negative impact in prisons.

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"The consequences of their use should not be underestimated."

Mr Dobson said prisoners often used mobile phone to continue criminal activity while in custody.

The governor also described how phones are used to intimidate victims and witnesses.

They are used to arrange "throw overs", where drugs, weapons and tools are thrown over the prison walls.

Mr Dobson added: "This is a major concern for the agencies involved.

"It undermines good order, discipline, offender rehabilitation and support with a prison."

Joanne Shepherd, mitigating, said Wilson obtained the phone in order to stay in contact with his family as his cousin has been diagnosed with a serious illness and was in a coma.

Ms Shepherd said Wilson's phone card had run out of credit due to the amount of calls he had been making.