'Manipulative predator': Rapist pensioner corrupted young girl and stole her innocence

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A 'manipulative and predatory' pensioner who subjected a schoolgirl to a series of rape and serious sex offences has been given an extended prison sentence.

Dennis Johnson preyed on the vulnerable victim over a two year period when she was aged between seven and nine years old.

Dennis Johnson was given extended prison sentence totalling 14-and-a-half years over rape and sex abuse of girl.

Dennis Johnson was given extended prison sentence totalling 14-and-a-half years over rape and sex abuse of girl.

After being challenged about the abuse Johnson laughed and denied that he had done anything wrong.

He later tried to minimise his offending by claiming the girl had willingly taken part and had sometimes instigated sexual contact.

A judge told Johnson he had "corrupted" his victim and taken away her innocence.

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The offending took place in the Leeds area.

Katherine Robinson, prosecuting, described how Johnson also showed the girl pornography and took sexually explicit pictures of her.

He would then tell her not to tell anyone after carrying out the abuse.

Johnson, of Collier Lane, Baildon, pleaded guilty to rape of a child under 13 and seven offences of sexual assault of a child under 13.

He was given an extended prison sentence totalling 14 years and six months after a court heard he poses a high risk of re-offending in the future.

Miss Robinson read a victim statement to the court on behalf of the victim.

She said: “I want him to be punished for what he has done. I want him to go to prison.

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“I don’t see people the same way any more and I don’t trust people like I used to.”

Julian White, mitigating, said Johnson was sorry for what he had done.

He told the court: “He is being self delusional, seeking to minimise his serious criminal conduct.

“The simple fact of a 69-year-old having sex with an eight year old child makes a mockery of such a thing.

“A child has to live with this for the rest of her life.”

Judge Simon Phillips, QC, said: "You were manipulative and you were predatory.

"You have been slow to acknowledge your wrongs.

"You laughed it off when first confronted.

"You have demonstrated limited insight.

"What you subjected her to was appalling and it is expected to have an impact on her emotionally and psychologically for the rest of her life."

“You have corrupted her and taken her childhood innocence from her."