Police warn more than 10 speeding drivers in just one day in Morley operation

Police have reported several speeding drivers after setting up a mobile operation on a street in south Leeds.

The speed awareness device (Photo: WYP)
The speed awareness device (Photo: WYP)

Officers from the Leeds South Neighbourhood Policing Team (NPT) carried out speed checks on Scotchman Lane, Morley, on Saturday.

They used a Speed Indicator Device (SID) to measure the speed of approaching vehicles.

The device displays the measured speed with a smiley or frowning face to inform the motorist of their speed.

Police said the operation was conducted following complaints from local residents, and that SID 'was not smiley' as over 10 drivers were issued with speed warning letters.

In a statement issued on Facebook pn Saturday, the officers said: "Following complaints from local residents, PCSOs from Team 3 Leeds Outer South NPT have been conducting a speed check operation on Scotchman Lane, Morley.

"SID, our Speed Indication Device, was not smiley today as over 10 motorists were issued with warning letters regarding their speed."