Police catch driver with 'F1 tyres' in Middleton patrol

Police have caught a motorist driving a car with 'F1 tyres' during patrols in the Middleton area of Leeds.

By Immy Share
Friday, 7th May 2021, 11:45 am
photo: West Yorkshire Police Leeds South
photo: West Yorkshire Police Leeds South

Officers seized the vehicle from the driver during the patrols on Thursday.

In a post on social media, they encouraged people to 'check' their tyres and 'make sure they are road worthy'.

They also posted a picture of one of the car's tyres - to which a number of commenters likened them to formula one cars.

Police also stopped other drivers during the patrols and issued a number of traffic offence reports (TOR).

Five were given for speed, four for having no seatbelt, one for having no insurance and one for having no tax.

One person was given one for using a mobile phone, one regarding a number plate and one for window tints.

A traffic offence report was also given to one person for driving otherwise in accordance with license and one for driving without due care and attention.

The patrol was part of Operation SPARC - Supporting Partnership Action to Reduce Road Casualties.

A vehicle was seized for having no insurance and eight drivers were advised about their speed.

The full social media post said: "Officers from Operation Sparc were out yesterday patrolling Middleton where they have stopped quite a few drivers for below including seizing a vehicle from a driver with tyres like the picture attached.

"Please ensure you check your tyres and make sure they are road worthy.

"1x TOR - No Tax, 1x TOR - Defective Tyes (x2)

"1x TOR - No Seatbelt, 1x TOR - Drive otherwise in accordance with license, 1x TOR - Number Plate

"1x TOR - Window Tints, 4x TOR - No Seatbelt, 1x Vehicle Seized (No Insurance)

"5x TOR - Speed, 8x Advice - Speed

"1x TOR - Drive without due care & attention

"1x TOR - No Insurance, 1x TOR - Mobile Phone"