Jealous husband broke wife's nose for going to Christmas party and claimed he would have killed her after sickening assault

A violent husband broke is wife's nose during a savage attack when he became jealous after she spent a Christmas night out with friends.

By Tony Gardner
Thursday, 2nd July 2020, 6:00 am

Lance Daykin armed himself with a knife a before going in search of his partner then attacked her in a bedroom after finding her at her friend's house in Wakefield.

Daykin left the victim shocked and covered in blood after hitting her 20 times in the face.

He then headed off to the pub as he told his friend who stopped the attack : "I would have f****** killed her."

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Lance Daykin was jailed for two-and-half years

Police initially investigated the incident as attempted murder after the attack on December 21 last year.

Ed Moss, prosecuting, told Leeds Crown Court how Daykin and his wife had been together for three years and married for 12 months at the time of the incident.

The prosecutor described their relationship as "problematic", especially when Daykin had been drinking.

The attack happened the day after the victim had been out with her friends to celebrate Christmas.

Daykin began drinking during the evening and sent her abusive text messages.

Mr Moss said: "Mr Daykin was clearly unhappy she was having a night out with her friends.

"After the night out she returned to her friend's house rather than going home because she knew what she was going to get as a result of the communications towards her.".

Daykin then sent his wife a series of racially offensive text messages accusing her of sleeping with an Asian man.

The following morning he persuaded a friend to travel with him to a house in Sharlston after finding out where she was staying.

Mr Moss said Daykin was still drunk at 11am and was captured on CCTV footage approaching the property.

Daykin's friend tried to persuade the defendant to leave but he insisted on staying and started shouting and kicking the door.

His wife's friend was awoken and saw Daykin standing in the garden holding a knife.

He threw a brick at the window and demanded to be allowed in.

She was so said afraid that she ran to a neighbour's house and asked them to call the police.

Daykin entered the property and attacked his wife in a bedroom.

Mr Moss said: "He grabbed her throat and called her a f***** s*** and struck her 20 times to the face, causing her nose to be broken."

Daykin was holding the knife as he carried out the attack.

The defendant's friend described the victim as "screaming and hysterical" during the violence.

He managed to pull Daykin off the woman, describing the defendant as being in a "mad, mad rage."

The 36-year-old attacker then left the house and went to a nearby pub, telling his friend he would have killed his wife.

Mr Moss said Daykin's friend was so shocked that he contacted police and told them the name of the pub where he could be found.

The victim was found in the living room of the house. She was shaking and unable to stand properly.

Daykin, of Church Road, Altofts, tried to run away when police went to the pub but he was arrested at the premises.

He pleaded guilty to assault occasioning actual bodily harm and possession of a blade in public.

James Littlehales, mitigating, said Daykin had pleaded guilty to the offence at an early stage.

He said Daykin and his wife were now reconciled and planned to continue their relationship when he is released from custody.

Daykin was jailed for two-and-a-half years.

Judge Simon Batiste said he was unable to impose a restraining order to prevent Daykin approaching his wife as the couple were still in a relationship.

He told Daykin: "I am aware she is in court and I'm aware from documents that I have seen that she has reconciled with you and is supportive of you.

"I sincerely hope for her sake that she knows what she is doing and what she is letting herself in for and the danger she is putting herself in.

"I am unable to put in place a restraining order."

The judge continued: "You made numerous threats to her and you were in a 'mad, mad rage'.

"A friend of yours indicated that you would have 'f******* killed her.

"Despite all of this she had decided to come back to you.

"That is her decision. I hope she knows what she is doing."