Hawksworth drivers caught speeding on narrow primary school road

Police have caught a number of drivers speeding on a narrow road with a primary school on in north west Leeds.

Wednesday, 28th April 2021, 11:45 am
Main Street, Hawksworth (photo: Google)

Officers patrolled Main Street in Hawksworth on Tuesday after residents had raised concerns about speeding and the use of HGVs on the street.

They found a 'handful' of drivers speeding - with the highest speed to be 30mph on the 20mph road.

C of E Primary School is located on the 'very' narrow Main Street, which is the reason for the low speed limit.

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Police pleaded with the public to abide by the speed limit at all times, 'especially' on a road like this one.

North west Leeds officers revealed what had happened on social media: "Officers have been monitoring traffic in Hawksworth today, in response to residents' concerns regarding speeding & also the use of HGVs on the narrow main street.

"Unfortunately a handful of drivers were seen to be speeding, with the highest recorded being 30mph.

"Main street is a 20mph zone because it is very narrow & there is a primary school on it.

"Please abide by the speed limits at all times, especially on a road like Main Street."