'Frightening' 86mph police chase through residential streets lands drink driver in jail

Leeds Crown CourtLeeds Crown Court
Leeds Crown Court
A drink driver who led police on a 'frightening' 86mph chase through residential streets while being egged on by his pals has been sent to prison.

One of the passengers even opened his door at high speed and jumped out as Christopher Allen tried to outrun the police car pursuing him through the streets of South Kirkby near Pontefract.

Leeds Crown Court was told that a patrol vehicle had spotted the blue Audi shortly after 2am on July 15, last year.

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Prosecutor, Emma Handley said that as they turned to follow and triggered the blue lights, the Audi accelerated away.

The chase took them through Mill Lane, Common Road, Dunsley Terrace, Holmsley Lane, West Street, White Apron Street, Grove Drive, Stockingate, Saxon Mount, Broad Lane, Westfield Lane, Carlton Road, Barnsley Road, Little Lane, Minsthorpe Lane and Green Lane.

He ran a red light, crossed over the opposite side of the carriageway and failed to stop at multiple blind junctions.

The police helicopter was also scrambled to track the Audi.

Dash-cam footage from the police car showed a passenger door opening at one point and a person throwing themselves out at high speed.

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Allen later stopped briefly on Saxon Mount to let the other two passengers out.

The car was eventually abandoned on Green Lane and he was found by a police dog on Grove Mount, where Allen lives.

He was breathalysed and blew a reading of 63 mcgs of alcohol in 100 mls of breath. The legal limit is 35 mcgs.

The 29-year-old admitted a charge of dangerous driving and being over the drink-drive limit.

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Mitigating, Anthony Sugare, said that Allen had turned his life around since then and had got his job back as an engineer at a food company.

Allen said he had been encouraged by his three friends in the car to drive off when they noticed the police car turn to follow them.

Mr Sugare said that Allen no longer associated with the three.

Mr Sugare said: "They encouraged him to try and get away but (he) accepts that it was him behind the wheel and his foot on the accelerator.

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"He put the drinking down to his general way of life back then."

Judge Geoffrey Marson said only a custodial sentence would suffice, giving him a six-month jail term and a two-year driving ban.

He said: "It was a frightening piece of driving at grossly-excessive speed.

"It's a miracle that nobody was injured or worse."