'Everybody is shocked': Community centre supporting Swinnow residents after post office robbery

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A volunteer at a community centre is Swinnow has defended their 'close' community after armed robbers targeted a local post office.

Two masked men entered the Wellstone Rise Post Office, on Swinnow Lane, at 8.55am on Tuesday and threatened staff with what appeared to be a handgun.

Masked men targeted Wellstone Rise Post Office on Swinnow Lane in an armed robbery

Masked men targeted Wellstone Rise Post Office on Swinnow Lane in an armed robbery

The men escaped with cash after jumping in a car driven by a third man.

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Nobody was injured, but those involved were left badly shaken.

Yvonne Allman, who volunteers at Swinnow Community Centre near the post office, was working at the centre at the time of the robbery.

She said: “Everybody is shocked by it, this kind of thing doesn’t happen around here.

“Sometimes you get the odd person trying to burgle a house, but nothing violent happens.

“It’s just deplorable. I really hope they get caught and everyone is ok. “

The team of volunteers at the centre are offering tea and coffee to residents who may have witnessed the attack, or who are worried about their safety in the area.

Yvonne added: "People feel safe in here, they can come in at anytime for a cup of tea and a chat.

"We tell them where to go for further support if we think they need it.

“The police do a great job around here and I think even if there was more police, it wouldn’t have stopped something like this.

“It’s a close community and everyone will rally together to support those affected."

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