Anger as trees ripped up and destroyed on two separate occasions in Lewisham Park in Morley

The mindless destruction of new trees in a Morley park on two occasions has sparked anger in the community.

By Joe Cooper
Tuesday, 9th March 2021, 4:45 pm

Resident Sam Davies has photographed damage to the trees over the past few weeks, with the saplings either snapped in half or ripped up from their roots.

He first photographed damage to the trees at Lewisham Park last month.

He said: "One had been snapped and discarded and the other had been ripped up from the root.

Trees uprooted in Morley's Lewisham Park.

"I was quite angry and more annoyed that someone would do such a stupid thing.

"Who attacks trees like that?"

One of the trees was salvageable, and after Sam posted about the incident in the Facebook group Morley Folk, someone replanted it.

On another dog walk around a week later, Sam noticed two more trees had been pulled up from their roots.

Sam Davies has been angered by the destruction.

"I immediately said to myself 'not again', said Sam, 31.

"I could see others walking round and seeing them. And I just had to try to salvage them, but I was unable to with my dog running around me."

Sam posted again on Morley Folk. but said the incident has caused "so much anger amongst the community."

He added: "I don’t see myself as the next David Attenborough, but we are living in a world that needs to change, and needs to improve the way we live - not just for us, but for future generations, and someone could be so careless?

Residents have taken upon themselves to replant trees that were salvageable.

"The council are clearly trying to invest in the area, make the place look nice and look after the environment. And someone decided to rip up a tree ? Who does that?

"It angered me more than anything, that I live among people so careless to their local area."

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