Cherry Healey: I cried every day making cosmetic surgery show

Cherry Healey has said she 'cried every single day' making her new series about cosmetic surgery.

Tuesday, 11th September 2018, 5:00 am
Cherry Healey. PIC: PA

The presenter said Sex, Knives And Liposuction - in which she watches as people go under the knife in the pursuit of physical perfection - was the most challenging programme she had made.

“I cried every single day,” she said.

“Every single surgery I went to see I cried like a baby afterwards.”

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Healey, 37, went on: “It was so, so challenging to make sense of it.

“Because for one woman, surgery will change their life and they will feel happy and they’ll have wished they’d done it 10 years earlier.

“And for another woman, it will ruin her life.

“And for another woman it’s the best use of that 30 grand.

“And for another woman, that will stop her travelling the world and buying a flat.

“There is not one rule.”

The mother-of-two said she does not judge any woman who undergoes surgery or has cosmetic procedures because “she lives in a world that tells her, every single day, hundreds and hundreds of times, that we like beautiful people and we prefer beautiful people and if you’re not beautiful, you displease me because you’re an ornament for me to enjoy”.

She said making the documentary made her more protective of her own body, despite any personal hang ups she may have.

“The more I got prodded by plastic surgeons the more protective I got of myself,” she said.

“I was like, ‘Get away from me, I’m fine thank you very much’ and also, ‘You don’t even know me, and I’m great and I’m a really good mum and I’ve got other things about me that are really great. I have had two kids so leave my body alone’.”

Sex, Knives And Liposuction, starts on W on Thursday, September 20.