'Can I have my cannabis back?' Seized car passenger makes cheeky request to West Yorkshire Police

The car seized for not having insurance in the cannabis incident
The car seized for not having insurance in the cannabis incident
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A passenger in a car which was seized by West Yorkshire Police made a very cheeky request to the officers who pulled him over.

The driver of this black Audi Q5 was pulled over and found to have no insurance, leading to the lovely luxury vehicle being seized by officers.

Then a passenger in the car was dealt with by police for possession of cannabis - before he asked if he could 'have it back'.

It's safe to say his request was denied...

West Yorkshire Police also issued a warning to drivers about 'ghost broking' - where drivers buy what they think is legitimate cover online, only to find that the company is dodgy and the cover is fake.

The force warned drivers to be vigilant - and to check out a company thoroughly before handing over money.
Drivers who have cars seized for no insurance can expect to pay a £300 penalty, plus the cost of freeing the car from an impound once cover has been legally obtained - usually in the region of another £150.

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