A&E Live: Everything you need to know about Davina McCall's new show which is set at Leeds General Infirmary

Leeds General Infirmary will play host to a new live show which aims to give a behind the scenes glimpse into our nation's hospitals.

By The Newsroom
Wednesday, 16th May 2018, 8:40 am
Updated Wednesday, 16th May 2018, 8:46 am
Davina McCall. PIC: A&E Live, ITV.
Davina McCall. PIC: A&E Live, ITV.

ITV's A&E Live is hosted by Davina McCall and airs over three nights next week, but what will it show?

Here's everything you need to know:

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When can I watch A&E Live?

The city’s hospitals will feature on A&E Live on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 9pm next week.

What channel is it on?

A&E Live will be broadcast on ITV.What is it about?

The spotlight will shine on Leeds General Infirmary’s A&E department as cameras capture the stories of patients - from the 999 call to treatment in hospital as-it-happens - during a special live TV mini-series.

Why was Leeds General Infirmary chosen?

Leeds General Infirmary was chosen for its mix of historical relevance to emergency medicine and its people, according to Davina.

“There’s a million reasons why Leeds was chosen [as the location],” she said.

“But number one: it was the birthplace of emergency medicine.

“Number two: it’s one of the leading trauma centres in Britain. And the constant, pioneering work that is done here. But also for me, it’s so much about people.

“I want to celebrate the NHS - and I really want to celebrate the people and the characters in it.

“You’re all so chatty [in Leeds], I love it. It’s so easy to talk to people up here and people will tell you their stories and be so open.”

Why is the show being made?

ITV has announced a diverse line up of special programmes to mark the 70th anniversary of the NHS.

In association with NHS England and partners these unique programmes will celebrate this landmark moment and offer a vivid insight into the incredible, life-changing and life-saving work done by its staff across the UK.

What is ITV saying about the show?

"With over 20 million patients a year, hospital Accident and Emergency departments are the beating heart of the NHS. Now, in a television first, new series A&E Live will tell the story of emergency medicine as it happens across one of Britain’s major cities.

"Davina McCall will be embedded in the emergency department including the busy trauma unit at Leeds General Infirmary, which is the birthplace of emergency medicine.

"This innovative live documentary will follow the frontline staff as they tackle emergencies from the initial 999 call, in the ambulance and through to treatment in A&E.

"A&E Live will focus on Yorkshire's finest - NHS doctors, nurses and paramedics - as we follow stories from call to cure. We will witness what they see as they see it, never knowing who or what is coming through the emergency room doors next. "

Who is Davina McCall?

Davina McCall is a 50-year-old TV presenter and model from London. Her most notable works include presenting Channel 4's hit show Big Brother, ITV's tear-jerking Long Lost Family and Channel 4 game show, The Million Pound Drop.