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The Piece Hall was the very first place I visited in Halifax, and I immediately fell in love with it - how could you not? And it seems this affection is catching as our glorious building is getting noticed more and more!

The team have been dusting off their glad rags over the last few weeks, attending multiple award ceremonies.

We were really honoured to be recognised at the Business for Calderdale Awards - winning the Promotion of Calderdale category. Judges were impressed with the diverse programme of theatre, art exhibitions, events, and concerts which attract international, regional, and local tourists putting Calderdale on the worldwide map.

We were really pleased to see our sculpture of Anne Lister nominated in the 2022 PSSA Marsh Award for Excellence in Public Sculpture. The stunning work came runner up in the public vote and Artist Diane Lawrenson was told the sculpture ticked all the boxes - originality, creativity, and suitability in its location.

I had a really special day down in London last week accepting the Urbansim Award for Great Place 2022 from The Academy of Urbanism on behalf of the Board, team and tenant community.

The awards recognise the best, most enduring, or most improved urban environments and this is an amazing accolade from such a highly respected organisation.

And cross your fingers for us next week – as we head to the inaugural Yorkshire Tourism Awards. We couldn’t be happier to be nominated four times.

Awards are wonderful to receive but there’s a much bigger reward and that’s the feedback from the hundreds if not thousands of people from Calderdale who tell us how proud they now feel of their Piece Hall. Local MP Holly Lynch summed it up beautifully when she said: “people of Halifax walk with a newfound swagger”.

These awards are of course treasured by The Piece Hall team, but they’re not just for us – they’re for you.

Everyone who shops here, eats here, drinks here, listens to music here or just visits to sit and take in all in. So, congratulations to every single one of you.