TECH TALK: Save space with the new Pacum handheld vacuum

Jetting off for a holiday or short break can often see me trying to cram as much into the smallest space possible.

Monday, 23rd September 2019, 10:58 pm
Updated Tuesday, 24th September 2019, 1:14 pm
The Pacum is half the size of an iPhone X

With budget airlines charging for every bit of luggage you take, if you need to save the cash it’s vital to cut the size of your bags.

One way is to use vacuum storage bags – but doesn’t that mean having a big air pump to hand?

That’s where the Pacum handheld vacuum comes in.

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Pacum doubles luggage capacity by tightly compressing travel items

The nifty handheld machine easily sucks the air from your luggage and then packs into your bag ready for the return journey.

Makers Masterspace claim Pacum compresses items 25 per cent more than other competitive vacuums and four times faster.

Easy to use, it plugs in via a USB connector – either direct to a power source or charging bar – and has two deflating modes.

Eco mode can be used for smaller vacuum bags and boost mode allows it to be used intensively for a shorter period.

The Pacum handheld vacuum

The unit stops automatically when the bag is fully compressed.

Pacum has a more powerful suction than a traditional vacuum cleaner, and can compress a large clothing vacuum bag in a minute and a half.

The unit comes with its own vacuum bag but can also be used with other bags and is equipped with a ‘padaptor’ to ensure the best connection.

And it’s not just your holiday luggage that the unit can be used for – it’s even compatible with food bags.

The Pacum handheld vacuum

Pacum also has an inflation mode, so it can be used at home and away to pump air into balls, toys and inflatables.

Its size means it can be packed away easily or popped in your pocket; and it comes with a hand carrying pouch to keep the unit and accessories together.

The Pacum is 86mm high, 43mm wide and deep and weighs 145g.

It comes in black, red or white and is available online, priced £49, here.