Review: Wolf Street Food, St Paul's Street, Leeds city centre

PIC: Jonathan GawthorpePIC: Jonathan Gawthorpe
PIC: Jonathan Gawthorpe
'˜Rome wasn't built in a day', goes the adopted mantra of Wolf Street Food. I presume this is a reference to how carefully constructed its Italian lunch fare is, although it has to be said, the process is completed with great speed.

Entering the glass fronted eatery from St Paul’s Street and it looks like an up-market take on Subway. The standard is upped a notch here, both in decor and quality of food.

It compares to Subway in that it has a rolling counter style system of getting your chosen food constructed by a conveyor belt of efficient staff, but that is where the comparisons with the generic chain ends.

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Walking straight up to get served without joining a queue I was a bit flustered by the options on the boards above the counter, which explain the process of choosing your food step by step, but the staff happily explained how it works.

Given a choice of different breads I opted for a wrap which was then warmed up and drizzled with a touch of oil in front of me on a hot plate. A bed of soft noodles were added to the base and then I chose a filling, going for the steak which was pleasingly pink in the middle, before hot tomato sauce, sliced cucumber and sweetcorn was added, also at my choosing.

The speedy service makes for an easy ‘grab and go’ experience but on this occasion I sat at one of the many scattered tables to eat; dance music playing out over the space which is furnished with white brick tile walls, white-washed breeze blocks and dark wooden tables.

Unfolding the foil to get to my wrap, it was well constructed and stayed in one piece, avoiding sloppy fingers - and it tasted supreme. The wrap itself was a much more substantial doughy bread than I expected, the noodles worked nicely and the steak was delicious, full of flavour; the sauce not as hot as I anticipated but satisfying nonetheless.

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There is great choice too if a wrap doesn’t appeal, including pizzas which, constructed again as you move along the counter to the till, seemed popular with other diners.

Pasta and salad dishes are available to customise also, and other fillings included cold meats, chicken, sausage and vegetables.

There are six sauces to pick from and a choice of three toppings - four for salad bowls.

Pizzas cost £4.95-6.95.

For breakfast, there is a selection of hot sandwiches all for less than £3 each, think eggs, sausages and bacon. Coffees, teas and cold soft drinks are also available.

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The regular sized wrap, at just over a fiver, didn’t come cheap and it is a pity that Wolf doesn’t stay open past 3pm for evening pizzas but this shouldn’t distract from what is a quality lunch experience.

Rating: 4/5

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