Leeds residents share 7 tips for keeping spiders out of the house during insect season

Autumn is here, and with it comes what some may consider the worst time of the year - spider season.
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With September here and colder and darker weather on the way, arachnophobes prepare to handle the increased presence of their eight legged rivals.

Seeking a mate, spiders tend to find their way inside for a warmer climate during mating season, leading to some much unwanted encounters.

Peppermint oil, conkers and cats - we asked readers for tips on how to keep spiders out of the home.Peppermint oil, conkers and cats - we asked readers for tips on how to keep spiders out of the home.
Peppermint oil, conkers and cats - we asked readers for tips on how to keep spiders out of the home.
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We asked our readers on Facebook to reveal their favourite tips and tricks for keeping spiders out of their homes, and received hundreds of comments.

Here are some of the most common responses:


Perhaps the most common response is to keep conkers on the window frame.

Reader Phil Pearsall said: “Spiders hate the smells of conkers. Couldn’t get in the house as I put it in the corner of my window, desk and floor corner door.“

Whether conkers actually work or not is up for debate, but according to the Woodland Trust, there is no real proof that this old trick does the job.


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Kristy Crowther is keeping her home spider free by using a number of plug-ins that deter spiders.

She said: “I got them on Amazon as the house I previously lived in had tons and tons of cellar spiders that got everywhere …. The plug-ins are ultrasonic and you get four in a box. 

“We used two upstairs and two downstairs, [and] we noticed a massive difference on the spider front.”


Another popular tip was to let someone else take care of the spiders - mainly cats.

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Liz Gold said: “My cat eats them. So that’s one thing that works for me!”

Peppermint oil

Another popular one, peppermint oil is often sold in spray bottles marketed as spider repellants.

You can also make your own, like reader Ellen Jane Avery did: “Made my own spray with essential oils, peppermint lavender and a little bit of lemon filled up with water sprayed in each corner of the house. So far so good - I usually get loads as well.”


It might not be amongst the most popular ones, but according to some Yorkshire Evening Post readers, WD40 helps keep spiders out. 

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According to one fan of the multi-use oil, spraying around doors and windows works well to keep homes spider free.


Another popular one, especially with Leeds locals who don’t have a cat, is to use brute force.

Different objects including magazines, hammers and books were suggested, but a shoe seems to be the most popular item for going to battle.

Leave them alone

Despite being one of the most common phobias, the most popular response from Leeds residents was to leave the spiders alone.

Many said that leaving them in the house reduces other pests, as spiders eat flies and even other spiders.

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