The Ivy Leeds returns indoors with new ‘summer of love’ menu - including exotic cocktails, refreshing dishes and indulgent desserts

It’s what we’ve all been waiting for - eating, drinking and socialising indoors is about to make its comeback.

The Ivy in the Victoria Quarter in Leeds' has new cocktails and operations manager Laura Mills tries them out (photo: Tony Johnson)
The Ivy in the Victoria Quarter in Leeds' has new cocktails and operations manager Laura Mills tries them out (photo: Tony Johnson)

And for The Ivy in Leeds city centre, this summer is going to be one of the ‘most special times ever’.

The British diner in the Victoria Quarter is returning with a promise of a ‘summer of love’ with a brand new menu.

Alongside the Ivy classics, such as the famous Chocolate Bombe, you can get a taste of summer all season long with the colourful new 1960s themed cocktails and refreshing dishes and desserts launching on Monday.

The Ivy will open its contemporary interior on Monday (photo: Tony Johnson)

Laura Mills operations director for The Ivy in Leeds, said that while she’s ‘all about’ the new desserts, there’s something on the menu to capture everyone’s heart this summer.

She told the YEP: “We’re excited to get back to doing what we love and people are excited to come back out to us because everyone wants some positivity now.

“We’ve teamed up the menu to capture the hearts of what people are coming and looking for as they do get back out there - and it’s all about summer and staycations at the moment so our menu reflects that.

“Everyone has had their own experiences over the past few months but I don’t think anyone will say they haven’t missed having the contact of friends and family and loved ones.

“So now’s the opportunity to come out the other side and enjoy those times with people again at The Ivy - it’s going to be something special.”

The Ivy in Leeds has already opened its outdoor terrace but its new menu marks the reopening of its contemporary two-floor interior.

Miss Mills said: “We’re always looking at our menus and trying to grow them.

“Of course there are Ivy classics on there that we will hopefully never say goodbye to but at the same time we need to change with the season and reflect what people want to eat and drink at the time.”

She added: “For us, we’re hospitality staff, we’re people people and we want to be hospitable, welcome guests into our building and smile and have a laugh.

“Ultimately we’re gearing up for guests to come in and have impeccable service, enjoy summer food and drinks and celebrate all the stuff that we’ve really missed out on.”

Bookings can be made to try out the new menu at The Ivy in Leeds via the website.