Oscars review: Here's what I thought of the pub making Morley Bottoms its own

Reasonably priced drinks, good conversations and a perfect spot at the heart of Morley Bottoms.

The people of Morley Bottoms reacted with anger when they felt the council pedestrianised the popular stretch without discussion.

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But for local pubs the move made for a perfect spot full of outdoor seating.

Sitting outside in the sun it is the perfect place to enjoy a cold beer with a friend.

At the heart of this seating is Oscars a quant little pub in size but big in the role it plays in its community.

Oscars is an independent craft beer bar with onsite brewery – serving a number of its own beers.

They also serve craft gins, fine wines, cocktails and spirits with draught options changing every week.

Coming from Morley train station, Oscars is located halfway up the hill, on the way to the main high street.

Oscars is an independent craft beer bar with onsite brewery. Picture: Google.

The venue is a really friendly place, with an excellent cask ale selection, and some appetising-looking food – courtesy of a partnership with the bar next door.

It gives off a real family owned vibe and the owner took time speaking to all customers - from regulars to new visitors.

Sitting outside in the sun it is the perfect place to enjoy a cold beer with a friend as the sun begins to set on Morley Bottoms.

Its constantly changing selections of drinks makes for the perfect refresher.

There is a time and a place for a pint of Heineken, no question - but when you drink a unique-tasting cold beer outside in the sun it has a totally different feel.

If you fancy something sweet alongside your drinks then a mouth watering selection of cakes is also on offer alongside pub classics such as crisps and nuts.

Not only that but the venue also offers a small selection of its own t-shirts and other merchandise.

And if on a Sunday morning you can drag yourself out of bed then you can also treat yourself to a deliciously spicy Bloody Mary.

The relaxed atmosphere is perfect if a rowdy city centre bar isn’t for you or in my case something you just weren’t feeling that night.

The spot is also very dog friendly so man’s best friend is welcome to join the fun too.

Morley Bottoms has a large selection of great pubs but Oscars is quickly making itself the pick of the lot.


Address: 2A Queen St, Morley, Leeds LS27 9DG

Opening hours: Mon-Tue, closed; Thurs-Sat, 11am-10pm; Sun, 11am-6pm.

Drinks: 9/10.

Value: 8/10.

Atmosphere: 7/10.

Service: 8/10.