Dogs Trust Leeds: Meet the newest adorable dogs and puppies urgently looking for a home forever

Meet Laura, Patches, River and Rumba - the newest dogs at Leeds Dogs Trust who are urgently looking for a new forever home.

Friday, 5th March 2021, 4:45 pm
Leeds Dogs Trust Dogs Rumba (top left), Laura (top right), River (bottom left) and Patches (bottom right) are urgently looking for new homes. (photos: Leeds Dogs Trust)


Laura is a retired ex-racing greyhound who is looking for a new home.

The three-year-old is sweet natured but a little reserved at first and may need a couple of visits before she is ready to leave.

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Patches (photo: Leeds Dogs Trust)

Laura has not lived in a house before and will need time to adjust and allow her confidence to grow.

She will need owners around all the time initially but should be fine on her own in time once she has settled.

Laura needs a secure enclosed garden for house training purposes and for some off-lead time to stretchy her long legs.

Wearing a muzzle when out is fine with Laura and she likes to have walking buddies although she needs to be the only pet at home.

Rumba (photo: Leeds Dogs Trust)

She should be fine with children aged 16 and over who can understand that she may need her own space if she is feeling worried.


Patches is a super sweet American bulldog aged over eight years old.

She loves everyone she meets and is very playful and fun to be around.

She can be quite bouncy and is strong on her lead so needs an active home with children aged 14 and over who love going out exploring.

Patches will need someone at home with her during the day to help her settle in to her new environment but then she should be fine to be left for a few hours.

She will need to be the only pet in the home.


River is two-years-old and has had very limited exposure to people and new situations.

He has grown in confidence by buddying up with other dog friends, which means he must share his home with another young and playful dog who is a sensible best friend and role model for him.

When River feels settled, he will show you his true playful character, but this will take a long time and effort for him to fully settle into his new life.

River needs a special home with people who are in it for the long term with lots of patience to slowly let him blossom.

This needs to be a quiet, calm and predictable adult-only home who will be around all the time initially.

River can't have any visitors during his settling in period and few thereafter, with no visiting children, as unfamiliar people will continue to worry him.

He won't be able to settle in a busy urban environment so his house needs to be in a peaceful area with nice walking places nearby as he is not keen on the car.

It is essential that River has a fully secure garden with at least a six foot fence to play off-lead.

He will need help with his housetraining and a couple of visits before he is ready to go home.

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Rumba is an ex-racing greyhound who at five-years-old has hung up his racing shoes and is looking for his next adventure.

He has turned his paws to training and learning new tracks and is quite the training whizz.

Rumba loves his food and is eager to please if there is a tasty reward coming his way.

He does have a strong chase instinct but happily wears his muzzle when out and about.

He's a real joy to walk and is friendly with similar looking dogs to himself, especially other sighthounds.

Rumba isn't a cuddler and prefers more active interactions like training or play time, but he does show a more affectionate side sometimes.

He needs a home with people who have the same passion for training as he does.

Although there was an incident in a previous home when he was lying on a sofa, the Dogs Trust training team has worked hard to develop a number of verbal and visual cues which Rumba responds brilliantly to, to avoid him being in a similar situation again.

He needs an adult-only home with a family who have the space to provide him with his own sleeping quarters, which could be as simple as a comfy bed in the living room.

Rumba would love a garden to stretch his long legs in and could be left for short periods of time once he has had time to settle.

He is doing well with his positive, reward-based training and his new family must continue this at home.

Due to Covid-19 travel restrictions, each dog's new home must be within an hour's drive from the Leeds rehoming centre at Woodlands Farm on York Street off the A64.