Dogs Trust Leeds: Meet the cute new dogs and puppies urgently looking for a forever home

Meet Poppy, Tweed and Bear - the newest dogs at Leeds Dogs Trust who are urgently looking for a forever home.
Poppy (top left), Tweed (bottom left) and Bear (right) from Leeds Dogs TrustPoppy (top left), Tweed (bottom left) and Bear (right) from Leeds Dogs Trust
Poppy (top left), Tweed (bottom left) and Bear (right) from Leeds Dogs Trust


Poppy is a five-year-old lurcher and according to Dogs Trust she is anxious and can look a little worried.

Once settled into her new home with a new life and a bit of TLC, Poppy should be fine.

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She will need an enclosed garden with high fencing for off lead exercise.

A lover of quiet walks, Poppy is very much a sofa dog that likes plenty of cuddles.

When she was younger she was attacked by a smaller dog and is now quite mistrusting around them.

Poppy will need to be the only pet in the home as she has a prey drive as a lurcher.

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She would prefer a home without young children, but those aged 16 and over should be fine.

Poppy loves a tennis ball or anything to chase to keep her entertained.

So, if you're in need of a loveable sofa buddy, then Poppy could be the one for you.

She is ready for her new home but may need a couple of visits before.

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Tweed is also a lurcher but slightly younger than Poppy at four years old.

The team at Dogs Trust do not have very much information about him but think he would be best suited to an adult only home, or home with teens aged 16 or over.

Tweed will eat almost anything but can be a little eager with his treats.

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Having not had the best start in life, he came to the Dogs Trust centre in very poor condition, but despite this he is sweet natured and enjoys being fussed over.

Tweed had to have his tail removed due to damage done in the past but is still a happy boy who enjoys snuggling up in a comfy duvet.

He is looking for an understanding owner to help him with all aspects of training - especially house training as it is likely he has been kept outside all his life.

With a secure garden a must, Tweed is indifferent around other dogs and happy to keep at distance.

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He will walk with other dogs but would prefer not to share his home with other pets.

Tweed is ready for his new home now.


Bear is an 18-month-old standard poodle newfoundland cross.

The team at Dogs Trust expect lots of people will be interested in him, but are looking for a specific place for him to call home.

Bear is one of life's worries and can feel uncomfortable about a lot of things, so he will need owners who will understand his needs to take things slowly and build his confidence.

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He is big and strong but takes a long time to come out of his shell so will need many visits until he bonds enough to go home.

Once Bear has formed a relationship, he is affectionate and fun and loves toys - especially cuddly ones.

He loves his food which makes his ongoing training easier.

Needing an adult only home, Bear must have no visiting children at all and very few visitors in general - including none at all during his settling in period because he worries around unfamiliar people.

He can't share his home with any other pets but in time should be able to make walking buddies if he is introduced to them correctly.

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Bear needs a secure garden with 6ft fencing so that he has somewhere to play off lead, but he can't currently be left alone so will need someone around him all the time for as long as it takes for him to fully settle in.

He tends to react to passing people or dogs by barking so his home must be in a quiet area with access to peaceful walks.

Bear needs very patient owners who have a good passion for training.

He is already doing really well with Dogs Trust's training plan so the team will help support Bear's new owners.

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Bear is not able to meet anyone in person at the moment but is ready to find his new home - so get in touch with Dogs Trust to register your interest.

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