Dogs Trust Leeds: Meet the adorable new dogs and puppies looking for a forever home this April

Meet Dougie, Malaki and Meg - can you help one of these gorgeous pups?

Saturday, 17th April 2021, 4:45 pm
Dougie (top left), Meg (bottom left), Malaki (right) (photos: Dogs Trust Leeds)


Dougie is a four-year-old lurcher who may not be the fluffiest of dogs, but has a lovely nature and would suit most homes.

He is friendly with dogs and will live happily with another dog or with children over 12 years old.

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Needing a secure garden for house training and some off-lead zoomies, Dougie loves his food and should be fun to train.

He loves his toys as well and can get very excited.

Dougie will need his owners around all the time initially until he is settled into his new routine.

He is not a fan of cats and cannot live next door to one.

Dougie's home will need a garden with a secure 7ft fence as he can jump - as well as being less than an hour's drive from the Leeds Dogs Trust rehoming centre on York Road.

He is ready for his new home now!


Labrador cross Malaki is a sweet four-year-old boy.

He has lots of potential and loves to learn, and is friendly with everyone he meets although he can be a little shy at times.

Needing to be the only pet at home, Malaki is big and can be strong on his lead.

He enjoys being out on his walks but needs to be walked in quiet dog areas.

Malaki will need active owners who can keep up with him and who are also willing to help him with his training.

He is a foodie and loves a game of fetch.

Malaki could live with children aged 16 and over and will need a good settling in period with his owners around all of the time to help him settle.

He wants to find his new home now!


A sweet natured four-year-old greyhound, Meg has found herself needing a new start.

She can be a little timid which is typical of her breed but as her confidence grows she will become more interactive.

She is immediately friendly with every one but just needs a little time to get to know you properly.

Meg is lovely to walk and enjoys exploring places where she can have a good sniff around.

Preferring her own space, Meg is fine around other dogs but isn't really interested in them so she doesn't want to share her home with any other pets.

She has a history of being housetrained but will need a little refresher as she settles into her new home.

Meg is loyal, loving and chilled and so will be a huge hit with any greyhound lovers.

Her new home will need a fully secured garden with a 6ft fence as she can jump quite high.

She will be fine with children over 12 years old who understand that she needs time to come out of her shell as she settles in.

Meg's owners will need to spend some time working on her basic training but this shouldn't be difficult as she takes things in her stride.

Contact Dogs Trust Leeds to meet Meg now!