21 of the best Leeds Quarry Hill Flats photos

These photo gems are sure to evoke memories for the generations of Leeds residents who grew up living in the Quarry Hill Flats.

Tuesday, 15th September 2020, 11:35 am
Enjoy these memories of Quarry Hill Flats. PICS: Leeds Libraries, www.leodis.net
Enjoy these memories of Quarry Hill Flats. PICS: Leeds Libraries, www.leodis.net

The images provide a fascinating snapshot of life at UK's largest social housing complex down the decades. Housing 3,000 residents they were seen as a modern build at the time which included lifts, electric lighting, and a launderette. The flats were popular, encouraging a sense of community through the highly communal way of living. Yet despite being deemed ahead of their time the flats were demolished in 1978 due to their poor condition. They are published courtesy of photographic archive Leodis, which is run by Leeds Library & Information Service. READ MORE: The rise and fall of Leeds Quarry Hill Flats

Flats construction in April 1937. The junction of New York Road, to the forefront, continues as York Road over the roundabout. Regent Street and Mabgate are to the left.
Living room in 1939. Furnished in typical 1930s style, the layout of the room makes the fire the focal point, with comfortable seating arranged near it.

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Taken in July 1951, this aerial view looks over Quarry Hill from New York Road.
Basic plan for Quarry Hill flats in the early 1930s. This area is thought to have been one of the oldest inhabited areas of Leeds.
November 1939. A small amount was added to the rent of tenants for use of the laundry. The laundry was later modernised and electric washing machines and spin dryers were installed.
Close-up of the Estate Office showing glass bricks being fixed in March 1938. It was located on the end of Wright House, facing York Street/Marsh Lane.
Building work in progress on the Garchey refuse station in May 1939. This was a much lauded innovation in waste disposal. But persistant problems with the system led to major breakdowns which in the end helped condemn the flats.
This undated photo shows gardens laid out in front of the Savile Restaurant. Benches are provided for residents. Trees and shrubs soften the appearance of the flats.
Jackson House in 1939. It has a curving wall which encompasses one of the three childrens' playgrounds.
1943 and a lady in the kitchen demonstrates the use of the Garchey waste disposal unit in the sink. Large cover on left has been removed from disposal shaft, she is tipping down a shovel of ashes from a coal fire.
They were the only English council flats to have lifts installed at the time. There were 78 lifts on the site. Photo taken between 1939 and 1943.
A view through archway entrances into interior of Quarry Hill Flats complex. Possibly looking at Moynihan House, second archway York House, with Thoresby House at the other side.
An aerial view showing Quarry Hill Flats under construction in the late 1930s. Snaking down from the top left is York Road next to an area marked as 'York Road re-development area'.
Circa 1939. The flats housed 3,000 people.
1939. On the left is Lupton House, with Kitson House in the centre. On the right is the end of Jackson House. A children's play area lies between Kitson and Jackson Houses.
This undated view looks from New York Road to Lupton House on the left then Moynihan House. Neilson House is in the far corner
October 1939. A close-up of concrete slabs, which were part of the Mopin construction system. A factory was put up on the site and in total 524, 634 slabs of various sizes were made.
October 1936. Inside the slab factory set up on the site of Quarry Hill flats to construct concrete slabs used to build the flats.
1939. Bedroom furnished with wardrobe, chest of drawers and bed. The bed is covered with a satin eiderdown for warmth. An electric fire is fitted into the corner.
A view looking through a broken window in one block of Quarry Hill Flats,possibly Moynihan House, towards another block (York House). The flats were in the process of demolition at the time.
The steel framework for the construction of Quarry Hill Flats in October 1936.
Elevated view looking south-east down New York Road towards Quarry Hill Flats in June 1952.
A view from the inner courtyard in June 1967.
A view of flats from inner courtyard in June 1967.
Photograph taken from St Peter's Street in June 1967.
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