Enjoy these photo memories from Cookridge and Horsforth in 1998.

16 photo memories from Cookridge and Horsforth in 1998

It was the year that a school and a community were determined to made a stand over closure plans.

Tuesday, 27th April 2021, 4:30 pm

Cookridge Primary was facing an uncertain future in 1998 after council chiefs unveiled plans to merge it with Tinshill Primary on one site. The proposal caused uproar and a fierce backlash from pupils, parents and staff all determined to fight to save it. Their campaign featured a demonstration outside Leeds Civic Hall, a petition delivered to education chiefs and a protest which involved forming a human chain around the school. Meanwhile down the road in neighbouring Horsforth, residents were unhappy about the amount of parked cars clogging up the streets while others were keen to see the launch of a town council. Enjoy these photos celebrating a year in the life of Cookridge and Horsforth in 1998. Do you recognise anyone? READ MORE: 11 photos to take you back to Leeds in 1998 LOVE LEEDS? LOVE NOSTALGIA? Join Leeds Retro on facebook

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