14 nostalgic photos take you back to Leeds in 1936

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A busy city centre scene kicks off this photo gallery celebrating a year in the life of your Leeds in the mid-1930s.

A boy is pictured riding a trades bike at the junction of York Road and North Street while two out of focus vehicles provide an almost eerie atmosphere. This was Leeds in 1936, the year of the Three Kings. George V died early in the year which was followed by the accession of his son Edward VIII to the throne and his subsequent abdication, resulting in the accession to the throne of his younger brother George VI, previously Albert, Duke of York. Closer to home plans were revealed for a series of new roads and widenings across the city and its suburbs. The images are published courtesy of photographic archive Leodis, which is run by Leeds Library & Information Service. They also run heritage blog The Secret Library Leeds, which provides a behind the scenes look at the Central Library and highlights from its special collections, including rare books hidden away in the stacks. READ MORE: Life in Leeds city centre during the 1930s LOVE LEEDS? LOVE NOSTALGIA? Join Leeds Retro on facebook